Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The World Has Come To An End....... They're Allowing Me To Choose What A Old Building Becomes.

Well, all I can say is that I can't believe that they have given me an opportunity that they might soon regret giving me. Just kidding. Today, I become a city planner and I will reuse some of Greensboro's history to make some new buildings that will benefit the city. Also, you will be my voters, my wonderful followers. If you want (and I love having your opinions), give me a yes or a no for each building you believe is possible and reasonable or not. I'll tally the votes and post them on my next blog. It's a little twist to the blog, eh? Well, here goes!

First, we have this warehouse right in the heart of the back of our college neighborhood. This, I believe, was on another stretch of Walker Ave. and it was near Lee St. Now, this building, as you can see, is pretty big and it is in an area near the back roads that connect off of Lee St. As your city planner, I propose that we change this old warehouse into a top of the line police station. This area is just out of the reach of the police station on Tate St. Also, that station is used mainly for UNCG, so the city is left out a little by this. From my observations, there was not a police station in this area for a few miles. This building is just in the right location where it could take care of the back roads and Lee St. itself. Also, it is a big facility. This big facility could hold an office, jail cells, a K-9 unit, and many other theories. I mean, the sky is the limit with this building. Therefore, we should turn this building into a police station.

My next proposal is for this building. This building is a large building that is 2-stories and can hold a ton of people. Also, it is right beside a big and new apartment complex that will hold many college students. Therefore, my next proposal is that this building should be changed into a Recreation Center for the apartment complex and the community that consists of Lee. St and the streets that surround it. My first reason is that many college students live in the apartment complex right by this building. They have heard of the "Freshman 15" and the weight gain from college. UNCG's recreation center and Greensboro College's recreation center are too far away for these students, so they will not go to those centers. With one center here. they just have to go across the street to work out and exercise instead of walking across town in a scary environment or driving and wasting gas. Also, I recommend that UNCG and Greensboro College co-sponsor the center. With this, UNCG and Greensboro College will gain more money from the center and possibly make this building a education area for those out of reach of their recreation centers. It's educational and a safe way to work out and be the best students can be.

My final proposal is for this building. It is near the same apartment complex as the building in my last proposal. It's a smaller building, but it can still be very useful. Therefore, my final proposal is that this building be changed into a post office for the people in this area. With a post office here for the people, once again, distance will never be a problem for anyone who walks in this area. Safety will not be an issue. They could walk to this building with no worries about safety or gas. Also, it is in a central location where anyone can use it. Students who live here can use this instead of going to a post office far away or going to UNCG's post office or Greensboro College's post office. Along with this, it opens up jobs for the people of this area, like mailmen (or women), postal workers, box boys, and much more. Therefore, it is a safe and easy way to make jobs for the people of this area.

Well, there you have it. My proposals are here for your approval. You know the rules. Comment back with a yes or no to signify your belief in these ideas. The choice is yours, ladies and gentlemen. The future of Greensboro itself is in your hands. What will you do?

P.S. Leave feedback. What do I need to work on? Is it well done? Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Thanks everyone!!


  1. Well well.... I would have to say that building number one would be a yes i think that a police station would be a good idea especially at that location. Building number two hmmm a recreation center is a good idea but we have a lot of them around greensboro and i feel like if someone isn't willing to take the walk or jog to the gym on campus there not going to get off there lazy butts to go down the street but i could be wrong it's a good thought. As for building number three a post office is also an interesting idea we have one on tate (kind of ) and on campus so maybe not my first pick... Keep up the good work!

  2. great sense of humor in your posting, taylor...and keep up the good work to tailor your writing to the images you include.