Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UNCG and The Big Picture (part 3: The Mystery of Walker Avenue!)

Now, we return to the Stone Building and the mystery that surrounds it and the Walker Avenue. First, let's talk about the Stone Building and its history with UNCG. From the time of its construction, it has served as the Human Environmental Sciences Building. This building once again follows the older style of UNCG buildings. There's the pitch roof, the stone bands around the building, and the rectangular windows of consistency. It's a great building for the people of the majors in that building. Still, the building itself is not the mystery, but the next picture is the mysterious part.

BOOM!!! The Mystery of Walker Avenue is a mysterious mystery of the disappearance of Walker Avenue. Now, the first part of the mystery is the history of Walker Avenue. ( Walker Avenue used to be a vehicular accessible road like Spring Garden. It would go from one end of the campus to the other and it was easy to use. Then, after some time, it had disappeared. What has popped up in its place is a part of College Avenue (a walking street now) and this building. The addition to the Stone Building came around. Now, why did this pop up? It looks historically accurate compared to the original Stone Building. I have an idea, but of course, only time will tell. First, College Avenue was once a vehicle accessible road to the public. Then, this was switched into a pedestrian-only road from Spring Garden to the new Music building, which leads to my next question. Was College Avenue bigger before the new Curry building and the Music Building? Back to the original mystery. Now, with the new style College Avenue, the chancellor had to wonder if a vehicle road (Walker) and a walking road (College Ave.) had to had been a safety hazard. Then, there's the Stone Building. What if the Stone Building had too many students and needed to expand? I mean, the campus was ever-growing and in need of a new building. If they did that, the onlt open spots would have been near Tate St. and where West Market St. is today. It was too far away from the Stone Building to be accessible. So, the chancellor and leaders of UNCG killed two birds with one stone. They cut off Walker Avenue and made it a paarking lot of sorts. Then, the Stone addition was placed for the students of the Human Environmental Sciences. Also, the university was trying to change their values from a isolated university to a diverse and more independent campus. So, by changing everything to walking paths, it led to this value becoming reality. It turns out, though, that could have led to more developments, such as the EUC and the Walker Parking Deck. So, that could be a mystery solved, but once again, only time will tell. So, at the end of the journey, we reflected on what we saw. We saw the future meet the past. We saw the change from an isolated unversity to a more flourishing campus. Finally, we saw a more artistic change from a somewhat uniform campus. Well, that's it for today!! Who knows where my next journey will lead me to?

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