Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UNCG and the Big Picture (part 1)

So, my first stop in this class took me to the Foust Building. This time, the class met at the corner of Walker Avenue and Tate St. Now, before I go on, I would like to note that this blog will actually be split into three blogs due to the size of the information. Also, there's so much to say that I don't want to make anyone read a lot and mess up their eyes or waste their time. So, here we go! Now, there's actually a great reason for starting here. This little corner has a special meaning to the city. It is a central point to three special city ideals. The strip (what you see here) that holds a long strip of developmental shops and buildings, a beat which stands for a place of multiple crossings, and and a front which stands for an end for a city and a start for a county. Now, from here, we started towards our firsdt destination.

Our first stop was the Brown Building. This building is not as old as the Foust Building, but it is very historic at UNCG. Just standing at the steps of this building is like stepping into the past itself. Now, take a look at this building. It is very different from the other buildings due to the features we saw last time at the Foust Building. There's the stone bands around the building, the windows of the floors, and (a big feature and a new one) the Corinthian columns. The columns represent a lot for the history of the building and the ever-changing styles of the UNCG buildings. Now, another big feature that is noticeable (sadly, not in the picture) is the fact that the building has musical composers around the whole building. What does this mean? Well, the new Music Building is a recent building, so there had to have been an old one. Well, here it is. Now, the questrion remains. Why did they move out of this one? Did the growing interest in music require a bigger building or another building at that? Was there something that hindered the building from being the Music-centered area of UNCG? Was there a value change by switching from a building near a vehicular road, to a path that is only accessible by foot? Well, all this can be explained in the next parts of my blogs. And onward we go!!!

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