Friday, September 11, 2009

One Value and the Value Behind it

UNCG used to be an university just for women and a university that taught everyone what they needed to know. Sadly, that was all that the women received. Today, we receive something even more than just the facts. We receive nature, athletics, and a diverse campus. Therefore, as pertaining to my title, a big change for UNCG was the emphasis on nature and the other side of the college student. This value is about changing from an emphasis of just technical knowledge to a special knowledge of nature, the arts, and even in keeping in shape.
My first piece of evidence for this claim is Peabody Park. Peabody Park used to be 18 acres of pure forest and a natural reserve. Now, it is a small golf course, a running/walking track, and the Student Recreation Center. What does this mean? It switched from a forest that no one went to and into a special place for athletics, fun, and nature. The leaders of UNCG wanted to make their mark in the university stomping grounds and saw their chance. They saw an opportunity to be unique and did it. Also, they saw a need for nature in their future and knew that if they left it out, then the future generations could lose it. If that happened, then life would be a horrible place. Also, people must have seen that the times were changing. Women could run and do exactly what men were doing. Plus, the integrated campus led to a need for more diverse and open choices. For example, the running path we knew of today was not paved. It was a dirt road that was hard to run on. It was used to be a walking path for the women. Then, men came to the university and wanted to be athletic. Therefore, the running path was paved and many other spots for athletics were put in.
Next, there is the Gatewood Building. The Gatewood Building is the building for Interior Architecture and some arts as well. Now, you ask why this was chosen for the value of arts. Well, the main reason I chose this for the CHANGE TO AN ARTS PROGRAM is the building itself. It was made to be the "jewel" of UNCG. It shone like a jewel when the sun hit it just right. Plus, it was known to be a landmark for the college. So, if it was meant to be a landmark and it's an arts building, then maybe this could be a notion for the change for the arts. Who knows? It could be though.
Now, sadly I have to put a-to be continued- for this post because I will have pictures on as soon as I can. My camera has been acting bad and my Kodakshare program is on the fritz, but I will have them up as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding, everyone!!

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