Friday, September 4, 2009

Map of UNCG (modified my way)

This is a map of my version of the city attributes of UNCG. Sorry about the quality of the map. I hope you will still be able to understand most of it. Well, I'll help you out then.

My first category I used was a fix. I labeled this as a light red circle around the fix. A fix is a special center of the "city" where people build around that area and forget about the other aspects of the city. The EUC is a prime example of this. It is a center for people to eat, shop, and hang out. Sadly, because of this, people have built around it to make it the center and left out other areas such as the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the Health and Human Performance Building. This leaves out another point of view of UNCG.

Moving on, we have our districts. I've used outlines of green and dark blue to mark these districts. The green ring represents the Athletic district of UNCG. In this district, you will see the athletic portions of UNCG, such as the Student Recreation Center. Before I go on, a district is a special area where there is a lot in common and made that way to show it. The dark blue represents the Residential district. All the dormitories and the residential halls are in this district. Also, note that they are usually in a nice location where nearly everything is in reach (keyword: nearly).

Next, we have our strip. A strip (which is a brown line and circle) is a strip of street that is developed in many ways. Tate St. is a surefire example of this. Tate St. has a lot of restaurants and stores around the area. It has to be the most developed part of campus.

Also, represented by the brown circle and line is the edge. It was left out on my key, but I got to it. An edge is a line where city lines end and county begins. Tate St. is a great example. It shows an edge where it leaves the UNCG campus and reaches one of the residential part of Greensboro. See, once you cross over Tate St., the land is covered with houses and apartments. So, another way of explaining an edge is where one part of a city turns into another part.

The light blue circles (some filled in, some not) represents the beats of UNCG. A beat is a crossing place for many people and it's a usual crossing used every day. There's your major beats (used nearly all the time), Kaplan Commons, the Dining Hall, and the intersection between College Avenue and Walker Avenue. Each are near landmarks that are very popular and these popular areas create beats. The minor beats are mostly on Spring Garden where the parking deck and the education buildings. These are minor because I believe that these areas are only used by the people who need to use it like the commuters and people taking classes in those areas.

Also, we have stacks. Stacks are areas that are "stacked" up with useless information or useless objects. I chose the construction site near Bryan building which is marked with a red circle with a line through it. This area causes a hinder for anyone trying to get to areas near the EUC and the Jackson Library. Plus, it is useless to the society right now, but that will change whenever they complete it.

Next, we have sinks. A sink is a building or object that is pushed to the side by the community. It's not as popular with the community, but it could still have an historic part to it. Marked with a orange circle, there is the Steam Building and the Water Tower. Each have been placed on Oakland Ave. and out of the way of the community. Both, though, have an historic part to it. The Water Tower is a historic landmark to the university and a beacon to all those trying to find their way to UNCG. The Steam Building is the old laundry building for UNCG back when it was a Women-only college. So, why did these objects get left out from society? I don't know, but I think it is because of a popularity ideal. They weren't as popular so they got pushed back.

Also, there are turfs. Turfs are hard to explain ebcause they are somewhat like fixes and beats. Marked with a light brown circle, I marked the dining hall as a turf. It is an area where many get together and converse with each other. Also, it has become a focal point for many events as well.

Finally, there are the vantages. These vantages are high areas in the community where you can see the whole community from that one spot. Marked by a purple circle, I chose the tower of McIver Parking Deck and North Spencer's tower. If we could get to the top of these towers, we could see the whole campus of UNCG and its wonders. These areas represents the big view that we should all have of the community.

Well, here we go! This is a map of the community of UNCG. Hopefully, everyone can understand it now and give as much feedback as possible.

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  1. great effort at explaining your map. and, incidentally, when you click on it, the larger version is not blurry at you're in good shape.