Friday, September 4, 2009

Rapid-Fire Picture Describing Round

First, what we have here is the UNCG Alumni House. You can already tell that this is an older-style building based on the pitch roof. This building has the rectangular windows so there is consistency. A question that comes to mind with the arches under the balcony. Why is the balcony and the house placed up this high? As you can see, there is a special floor hidden under the building that can't be seen from College Avenue. Maybe with this, the people who constructed the building saw that there was a need for an extra floor where there is a hill. Who knows?

This is the Jackson Library on UNCG's campus. This building looks towards the more modern style with the flat roof. The one question that I have is why was this made completely different from the other buildings? It doesn't look like the old buildings with green and stone colored walls and roof. It doesn't even look like the newer buildings with their unique structure. It looks like a combination of both, really. It looks drab, which is different from the style of UNCG's design. Were they trying to create a landmark where most people will see this and know that this is the Jackson Library? I think they were trying to make a center (maybe even a fix) out of the Library and a unique building would do it.

The next picture is a picture of the fountain right outside the Dining Hall. It is known as a meeting place for many of the students of UNCG. Now, hopefully, everyone remembers my vocabulary from the last blog because I'll be using this a little in the next parts. The fountain is not gaudy or mind-blowing like the other fountains I have seen in the world. It is a nice fountain that sticks out. If you can see, the fountain has the arched-rectangular design like many of the windows on the old buildings. So, we could infer that this was a design built to keep history going in a deep way. Now, this fountain could be considered a beat. The fountain is a crossing point for many of the students. Also, this is a major beat because it is right in front of a major area, the Dining Hall.

The next picture is a picture of the once-only Science Building, the Petty Building. The Petty Building has multiple old-style attributes like the pitch roof and the Corinthian columns. Now, there's something new added in this building. There's the bridge. The bridge is a special thing to the Petty Building. It's a metal bridge with a glass interior to the bridge. Now, you can see from this that the times were changing when this design came in. Now, I believe this was a smart decision because of the big, gaping hill right in front of it. Why did UNCG construct a building near a hill that could hurt someone without that bridge? Well, I think they were trying to change the design of UNCG buildings by doing this and adding the necessity of a bridge. Now, the Petty Building could be considered a part of the Academic District in the districts of UNCG. This is because the building is an academic building and it is in a central area where academic buildings reside.

Finally, this is the Elliott University Center. This building needs no introduction due to its reputation. It is a center to the university. To state some attributes, this building looks almost like half of the Music Building. Maybe these two buildings were constructed at the same time period. It keeps some of the old historic approach with the brick and stone walls and the rectangular windows that could form a puzzle, as I like to call it. The Corinthian columns are also a great way of showing the historic past of our buildings. Now, this building could be as infamous as it is famous. See, while this is a center, i would also call this a fix. This has been labeled as the center of the university so everything had to have been built around it. Sadly, with this, it has left out many of the outer-laying buildings like the Human and Health Performance Building. Also, it has made the point of view of the university that only the buildings around the EUC are popular compared to the outer buildings.

Well, I hope you liked this special edition of my blog. Please give feedback as much as you can and I appreciate it!

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  1. first off...great photos. you have an eye for framing the shot that saliently delivers your intended message. well done! you raise some interesting questions. in the first image, you speculate about the raised basement of the alumni house...i would suggest that the designers took ADVANTAGE of the sloping site and provided a means to access the yard and patio (and euc) from the lower floor of the building. this form actually follows residential forms from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. i very much appreciate your speculation about the purpose of the library tower...and your insights about petty are right on the mark. but know that the bridge of which you speak was only completed within the last year. before that, a flight of steps both down the hill and a second set (graceful curving steps like those on the interior of the euc) sat in front of the building, providing access. don't let the bridge fool you. at the euc, there are doric columns...and i'm not quite sure i understand the comment about popularity. write more about that. terrific title!