Monday, November 16, 2009

The Gate City Marathon #4: Roadways

Well, here we go again! This is when we went from place to place and went on many major roadways. We covered three big roadways on our long marathon. We were on Battleground Ave., Wendover Ave., and Interstate 40.

First, we went on Wendover Ave. This strip of road is a strong place for businesses of all kinds. There are hotels (O Henry), gas stations (Exxon), and even car dealerships (Honda). Quite frankly, I believe that if anyone built a store or business on this road (where there is space), then it would do quite well. Why? I believe it is because that it is near so many residential areas that people could walk, run, drive, or bike to Wendover Ave. As we went along the way, we saw that Wendover changed into more of a residential area than into a conglomerate of businesses like the western side. That could explain the popularity. Also, when I think of this street, I think of another street as well. Elm Street pops up. Elm Street is much like this street except the only problem is that Elm Street has smaller businesses and a smaller size for stores to come to. Therefore, Elm could never amass to what Wendover is now. Wendover became what it was because it had bigger stores like Wal-Mart and even the mall is around that street too.

Next, we went onto Interstate 40. This stretch of road can connect you to many places and even give the speed demons a sense of satisfaction (but only up to 60-65). You can see many things along the way to where you are going. Take the last picture, for instance. You see a big gray slab. Those are barricades. What's the point of this barricade, you ask? Well, behind this barricade, there is either a drop of 3 feet or 20 feet. Depends on where you are. So, big values on safety continue to emerge everywhere now. Now, my sense of community changes in the fact that a community can now be a lot bigger because of this interstate. Now, people can get to each other a whole lot faster and even in mere minutes because of this interstate. Plus, a community can advertise for everything a lot more because of this interstate with the invention of.....BILLBOARDS!!! Therefore, a community can become bigger instead of a small group.

Finally, we went onto Battleground Ave. on our way to Guilford Courthouse Park. Battleground Ave. was very calm compared to the clutter of Wendover Ave. The landscape here was very weird because this is considered a busy street with lots of businesses. Still, do you know what I saw that was not very visible on Wendover? TREES!!! There is actually greenery on Battleground Ave.Check Spelling Also, there could be more businesses for Battlegorund Ave. to prosper, but people are more content with a historical park and that helps anyday. Well, that's it for the marathon! Now, my next blog will consist of a big wrap up of all we have done. Enjoy and give as much feedback as you can!

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