Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Gate City Marathon #3: Residential Areas (Getting Close!)

Off to Number 3 on our marathon through Greensboro! We are stopping by the residential areas of Greensboro (major areas) like the White Oak Village area. First, though, we are stopping by a house that is very different from houses all around it. This is what we call the Lowenstein House. This house was created by Edward Lowenstein, a famous architect who was the first to employ African-Americans as workers in the architect firm. Anyways, when we stopped here, we were already surprised by the windows that slanted to get all forms of light when needed. They were so different from other houses we have seen. Also, we have seen that it was straight on the ground instead of slanted to meet the ground. Why was that? I believe that it was meant to be a house of the future and people could see that. Plus, the house was created to be different and with it on the ground, it shows that people could be down to earh and still have amazing features. Then, we saw the backyard and we were amazed by the artwork. One was the pile of airplane parts formed to make an arch. Why was art such a strong part of this house? Well, I also believe that without art, the house would not stand out as much. It would not be a house beyond all houses. Also, Lowenstein might have been an art fanatic. He has numerous pieces which each add life to the house. Either way you see this place, it is a standout place that creates a sense of the future of architecture.

Next, we went to the White Oak Village area. This was an area where the mill workers stayed for sleep, food, and relaxation from work. Also, it was a village for families to stay while the mill workers worked. From the first picture, you can see that all the houses were not really ones that would stick out like the Lowenstein hose. They were just used for people and their necessities. There were no decorations or anything as I know of. Also, religion was really big for the people of that area. As you can see, there was a big church called Buffalo Presbyterian Church. It originated around the 1790s. Now, why is religion big here for the area? Well, the mill was a dangerous workplace and people were, once again, very determined to get to an azfterlife in heaven. So, the churches were there. Also, there is another bit of history here. Thre is a Masonic Lodge for the Free Masons who lived here. This showed that Free Masons were popular around this area and who knows what could have been here? As you can see, this area was a quiet area where people did not care about decoration and luxury. They were worried about life and making sure that everyone made it another night. Well, moving on to #4: Roads and their Craziness!!

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